South Korea will compete in the World Cup for the tenth time in a row and for the eleventh time overall when it takes place in Qatar.

The Taeguk Warriors have competed in more World Cups than any other Asian team, which is saying something.

A turning point in South Korean football history occurred in 2002, when the national team competed on home territory and made it all the way to the semifinals. Since then, South Korea has approached each World Cup with the expectations of millions of people pinning their hopes on the team. That Guus Hiddink team is responsible for teaching a nation to dream.

Previous results at the World Cup.

South Korea’s record at the World Cup since 2002 is poor, as they have only advanced past the group stage once in four attempts and have only won three of their last 13 matches. One of such times was in 2018, when they notably won a match in Russia by defeating the defending champions Germany by a score of 2-0 and eliminating them from the competition.

In the previous ten years, they had only made it to the round of 16 once, and that was in 2010, when they were eliminated by Uruguay, who will also be their opponent in the first game of this year’s World Cup.

Who are the members of their team?

South Korea, along with Uruguay, are placed in a group that also contains Ghana and Portugal, both of which are considered to be strong competitors.

During the month of August in Seoul, South Korea, a World Cup trophy presentation event was held. At the event, a former South Korean captain named Park Ji-sung stated that “objectively speaking, it will be difficult for us to make it to the round of 16.”

Despite the fact that our expectations may not be met, we continue to have great aspirations. It was a surprise to many when South Korea made it all the way to the semifinals in 2002, and Park acknowledged that. He went on to say that “with the support of our people here, I think a trip to the round of 16 is achievable.”

Qualification as well as current standing

South Korea’s national team was rated 57th in the world when Paulo Bento took over as head coach in August of 2018. The Taeguk Warriors are now ranked 28th heading into this year’s World Cup, which is the highest position they’ve held since the year 2012.

During this time frame, South Korea successfully defended their title at the 2018 Asian Games, notched victories over high-caliber teams such as Colombia, Egypt, and Chile, and breezed through qualifying for the 2019 World Cup, suffering only one defeat in a total of 17 matches.

Player who should not be overlooked

The forward for Tottenham Hotspur, Son Heung-min, has become the public face of South Korean football. The player who finished with the most goals for his team in World Cup qualifying played for the team that won the Premier League Golden Boot in the previous season. Son comes into this year’s World Cup having scored four goals in his previous six international outings, despite the fact that he has battled with his form for Tottenham this season.

Son is now tied with Park for the most goals scored by a South Korean player at a World Cup, and Park anticipates that Son will break the record in Qatar by scoring at least one more goal than he has.

According to Park’s statement, Son “had two goals at his second World Cup after scoring once at his first World Cup” (which took place in 2014). Because today will be his third appearance, I believe that he will score three goals and give us a lot of reason to cheer. And it goes without saying that he will own the record.”

The participation of Son, on the other hand, is currently up in the air. After suffering a fracture beneath his left eye during Tottenham’s Champions League match against Marseille at the beginning of the month, the club has revealed that the forward will be undergoing surgery. The injury occurred during the match. It will be a race against time for Son to make it on the jet to Qatar because the club has not established a schedule for when he will return.

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